Shayne Neumann MP
Federal Member for Blair

Australian Labor
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As we enjoy festivities and holidays with family and friends, let’s pause to think of those who are on-duty, serving and working over the Christmas and New Year period.

There are those who will face real dangers; who place themselves in harm’s way in Australia’s name.

In particular, I want to acknowledge our military personnel, particularly those serving in the Middle East and their families back here who miss them.

Also, our emergency services personnel and volunteers will be ready to fight fires, battle floods, prevent crime and save lives.

There are medical, paramedics and support staff who are on-duty 24/7 in our hospitals, aged care homes and emergency call centres.

In addition, I want to recognise the local workers who will not spend Christmas at home but will instead be up early or working through the night this holiday season, indeed relying upon penalty rates to provide for their family.

And of course, there are the carers and loved ones of those who need additional support who will spend Christmas doing what they do every day, even though their efforts may be under-appreciated and their own needs neglected.

This community runs on the efforts of all of these modest heroes. It is my wish that you enjoy – indeed we all enjoy - a quiet Christmas.

On behalf of all of us across Ipswich and the Somerset Region: thank you for your service, your commitment and preparedness to serve the community and those around you.

It is an honour and a joy to represent this electorate. I look forward to working in this vibrant region through 2017. I hope to see many more of you at my regular mobile offices and the many functions throughout the year.

On behalf of my family and staff, I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Shayne Neumann MP