Shayne Neumann MP
Federal Member for Blair

Australian Labor
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Today’s rushed announcement by Malcolm Turnbull is cheap talk. This is about saving his own job and nothing else.  

Labor is the party of jobs – we’ll always put jobs first. We’ve been pushing for changes to the working visa system for a long time – both before the last election and in the parliament.

Because of Labor and our campaign in the community, Malcolm Turnbull is finally waking up to the issue of local jobs. But on first inspection, this looks like a change in name instead of a change in policy.

We’ll seriously consider any proposal once the Government releases all the details – but right now we’re concerned that Mr Turnbull is just rebadging the same visa system with the same dodgy loopholes. That isn’t good enough. 

Until he can guarantee that the existing dodgy loopholes will be closed for good, Australians will know they still can’t trust Malcolm Turnbull on jobs.  

Mr Turnbull is a hypocrite. The last time they were in government, the Coalition removed all labour market testing.

In opposition, Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition voted against the Labor Government’s stricter controls on overseas workers.

And Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals have failed to support Labor’s new proposals to crack down on dodgy visa loopholes.

We’ve been campaigning all across Australia for substantial changes to the visa system that really protect local jobs. 

The Turnbull Government needs to clearly outline what protections will be in place to ensure jobs are advertised locally first, stringent labour market testing is undertaken and training opportunities are available to local workers.

Since coming to power, they have cut $2.5 billion from skills and training, and apprenticeship numbers have fallen by more than 130,000.

Unemployment is up, more than one million Australians are underemployed, and wages growth is at record lows.

Malcolm Turnbull only cares about one Australian job – his own.