Shayne Neumann MP
Federal Member for Blair

Australian Labor
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The Turnbull Government has confirmed its plans to hand big businesses a $50 billion tax cut by cutting money from education, health and jobs.

Under the 2017 Federal Budget, multinationals and millionaires will be given significant tax concessions while school kids, patients, job seekers and families will receive less.

Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann MP said that Ipswich and Somerset locals would be made to foot the bill for hand outs for big businesses.  

“To put forward a budget that takes so much from so many people, while handing some of Australia’s largest corporations a $50 billion tax cut is indefensible.

“This budget represents the worst of the Turnbull Government’s out of touch priorities and people should rightly feel disappointed and let down by it.

“It fails to lift the Medicare Freeze, meaning the many Ipswich and Somerset residents who put off seeing a GP because they’re worried about the cost will be made to keep worrying for at least the next year.

“It keeps some of the harshest cuts to social security, including raising the pension age to seventy and cuts to the Family Tax Benefit, hitting over 27,000 families in my electorate of Blair.

“It rips $22 billion out of the education system, or $2.4 million per school; leaving our kids to make do with less at a time when getting a good education is more important than ever.

“And it has completely ignored those who desperately need more work, forecasting nearly 100,000 less jobs than the previous year’s budget at a time when unemployment is as high as it was during the Global Financial Crisis.”

Mr Neumann said that the Budget showed that the Turnbull Government was incapable of recognising the needs of ordinary Australians.

“After four years of cuts and neglect, the Turnbull Government had a chance to finally deliver a budget that was fair and equitable.

“Instead they’ve put the profits of big business over the needs of Ipswich and Somerset locals.

“It doesn’t matter if they are school kids, parents, trying to see a doctor or just looking for a stable job: people living in Blair will be worse off.”