Blair Community Directories



Blair Disability Links

This provides information for those living with disabilities, their families and carers. It was first launched in 2010 and is the most requested item from Shayne's office.


Blair Seniors Links

A handy directory for seniors, with services, groups and support for older residents of Blair.


Blair Sports Links 

This features local sporting clubs and associations.


How to submit details for the 2022 Directories:


1. Complete the registration form for the 2022 Directories - Registration Form.


2. Fill in the sample page -


    - Blair Disability Links

    - Blair Seniors Links

    - Blair Sports Link 


3. Email the registration form and the sample page to: [email protected]






Call into the office: Level 1 The Tarpaulin Building, Riverlink Shopping Precinct, North Ipswich

Phone:  07 3201 5300  

Email: [email protected] - Please put the Directory name in the subject line.