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March 05, 2019

Another day and Peter Dutton has even more questions to answer over the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent delivering services in Australian-funded regional processing centres. 

New reports have revealed Dutton’s Department handed over an $82 million contract for just 282 days of services on Manus Island in September 2018. 

This latest $82 million contract was issued without a competitive tender with reports suggesting the company handed the contract – NKW Holdings Ltd – is making close to $1400 per resident per day.       

This money follows the $423 million Paladin contract saga which Peter Dutton has tried to claim he had “no sight” of and labelled a “distraction”.

Only the out-of-touch Liberals could call half a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money a “distraction” and try to sweep their chaos under the rug. It’s time Peter Dutton came clean.

Last week, Labor wrote to the Auditor-General requesting an urgent investigation into the Department of Home Affairs’ procurement of garrison support and welfare services in Papua New Guinea and the request is currently under consideration.

Peter Dutton cannot hide from questions about his abysmal management of Australian-funded regional processing centres and what he knows about each and every one of these contracts.

Are we simply expected to believe that Peter Dutton doesn’t pay any attention to the contracts his Department signs? Or is he simply too busy doing interviews to look at the fine print? 

How can Dutton be trusted with Australia’s national security agencies if he’s failing to keep track of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on his watch?

As the evidence stacks up against Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison must force his Home Affairs Minister to come clean over and explain why these contracts have spiralled out of control.