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April 09, 2019

Peter Dutton needs to give a full explanation of all the murky details regarding all of his dodgy dealings with the disgraced former Liberal MP Santo Santoro.

Last night’s 4 Corners revealed an explosive recording of Mr Santoro in which he boasts about being one of Mr Dutton’s “best friends” who can get easy access to Mr Dutton, and quick decisions on immigration matters from his office, for a payment of more than $10,000.  

"There is nobody else anywhere who is better placed than me to help you through this particular part of the project. Nobody. … I can go to somebody in the Minister's office and say 'can you have a close look at this?'." 

Santo Santoro recording, 4 Corners, 8 April 2019. 

Mr Dutton has not denied attending a lunch set up by Mr Santoro with Mr Huang Xiangmo, which took place in Sydney in 2016 while Mr Huang was making a bid for Australian citizenship. 

This is a cash for access scandal and Mr Dutton needs to come clean on all of his dealings with Santo Santoro.  

  • How many times has Mr Dutton or his office had representations from his best friend, Mr Santoro? 
  • How many times has Mr Santoro been paid cash to make representations to his best friend, Mr Dutton? 
  • Was Mr Dutton aware of Mr Santoro taking payments in return for setting up meetings with him? 

Mr Dutton cannot simply shrug his shoulders and make this go away, as he has tried to do with the Paladin Affair.  

These are serious questions that go to the very integrity of our immigration system and Mr Dutton’s performance as Home Affairs Minister. 

Mr Dutton needs to come clean today.  

Mr Dutton and his office should immediately release all documents, emails and correspondence between himself and Santo Santoro, including any material concerning the Huang family’s citizenship applications.