Immigration and Border Protection

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November 26, 2018

Today’s revelations that Peter Dutton’s capacity to make decisions as a Minister and cancel visas is being challenged in the Federal Court shows the cost of the Morrison Government’s refusal to refer Mr Dutton to the High Court.

Because of the foolishness of the Morrison Government’s decision to ignore Mr Dutton’s eligibility issues, Australia’s ability to kick foreign criminals out of the country is now in jeopardy – with  more than 1600 visa cancellations made by Mr Dutton now in question.

This is clearly unacceptable and it puts Australians at risk.

Legal advice warning of this very outcome was released two months ago. The Government cannot say it had no warning that a legal challenge like this could occur.

If Mr Dutton does not refer himself to the High Court immediately, it is likely this case will remain in legal limbo – allowing the foreign criminal in question to stay in the country indefinitely – and potentially opening the floodgates to countless others.

Is Peter Dutton really that selfish? Just what does he have to hide?

It’s time for Mr Morrison to wake up and end this farce – which is putting Australians at risk.

If Mr Dutton refuses to refer himself to the High Court, Mr Morrison must move the motion himself.

This Morrison Government’s dysfunction and chaos cannot be allowed to interfere with the integrity of Australia’s migration program and the administration of Australian justice.

Authorised by Noah Carroll, ALP, Canberra.