Immigration and Border Protection

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September 08, 2017

Peter Dutton’s incompetence as Immigration Minister has been exposed yet again with the people who protect Australia’s borders and the integrity of our visa system being handed the bill and forced into inflexible repayment schemes due to his failure to manage his Department.

Reports reveal a “systems error” that overpaid around 2,000 Department staff went unnoticed by Peter Dutton for two years.

Peter Dutton signs off on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s budget and the Department is responsible for managing how the funding it is allocated.

How was this situation allowed to go unnoticed for two years and why is Peter Dutton threatening to release debt collectors on staff in his own Department?

Morale within the Department is said to have collapsed and workers are still locked in a dispute with the Turnbull Government over pay and conditions that has lasted four years.

Peter Dutton is a tick-and-flick Minister and this “systems error” adds to the ever-growing list of times he’s failed to appropriately manage his Department.

How many more reports of mismanagement are going to emerge during Dutton’s time as Immigration Minister?

It’s times like these where Labor seriously has reason to question how Dutton can be entrusted with unprecedented powers over Australia’s domestic security agencies when he can’t even do his current job.