Immigration and Border Protection

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December 24, 2018

Scott Morrison is putting Australia’s border security at risk with the true impact of the cuts and chaos he is inflicting on the Australian Border Force being revealed.

New reports claim ABF staff who normally screen cargo and mail entering the country are being taken off the job – all to plug gaps created by cuts to frontline staff at Australian airports over the busy Christmas period.

Cargo examination facilities screen items coming into Australia and Scott Morrison’s attempt to shuffle staff and cover up his cuts could allow drugs, firearms, illicit tobacco, and other contraband slipping through our borders undetected.

This is clearly a problem of Scott Morrison’s own creation and part of a desperate attempt to clean up a reported $300 million budget blowout caused by Peter Dutton’s poor portfolio management.

When he was confronted with his cuts to ABF staff at Australian airports, Scott Morrison doubled-down and blatantly denied they were happening at all.

“That’s just more storytelling in the media, that’s not what is happening.” Scott Morrison, 7 December 2018

Scott Morrison must come clean – why did he deny these cuts were taking place? How long has he known about these cuts? And why does he think it’s acceptable to undermine Australia’s border security?

ABF staff have a critically important job protecting Australia’s borders in airports, at sea, and at our ports every day – they should not be put in a position by Morrison where this important work is being compromised because of his cuts and chaos.

Worryingly this comes on the back of news that ABF vessels don't even have enough fuel to patrol our borders and secure the country from serious transnational crime, including people smuggling. Peter Dutton talks a good game but his incompetence is seriously undermining the integrity of Australia's borders.

These reports show how desperate, divided and in debt the Morrison Government truly are – and proves their cuts and chaos are putting Australia’s border security at risk.