Immigration and Border Protection

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March 09, 2019

Scott Morrison is outsourcing border security decisions to One Nation - ignoring expert Home Affairs advice to ban speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from Australia.

New reports suggest Immigration Minister David Coleman has capitulated to the right wing of the Liberal Party – as well as the demands of One Nation – to allow the inflammatory speaker into the country.

One Liberal MP has even reportedly described the backflip as a "dog's breakfast and embarrassing shambles".

It is clear Milo Yiannopoulos has no place in Australia – just like David Icke and Gavin McInnes who have recently had their visa applications refused.

Milo’s record shows the reasons he should not be allowed into Australia including:

  • Owing $50,000 bill to Victoria Police for riots outside his 2017 Australian shows during which five police officers were injured;
  • Being banned from Paypal after sending $14.88 – a number used by white supremacists and Neo-Nazis – to a Jewish journalist;
  • Suggesting that sex between “younger boys” and older men could be a “coming-of-age relationship… in which those older men help those younger boys discover who they are”;
  • Vilifying segments of varying communities and minorities with statements such as “Islam is AIDS”; and
  • Proudly declaring “I love it when protestors turn up to my shows… when people are yelling in the streets, it gets me off”.

All of these concerns were raised in a letter from the Department of Home Affairs about a person that the Morrison Government now wants to grant a visa to.

Labor strongly supports the refusal or cancellation of visas of non-citizens on character or criminal grounds and the removal of criminals from Australia under Section 501 of the Migration Act.

Under these powers, the Immigration Minister has the power to refuse visas for individuals if there is a significant risk the individual would incite discord in the Australian community or represent a danger to the Australian community or to a segment of that community.

Given the significant risk Yiannopoulos poses to the Australian community, Labor believes he should not be allowed into the country.

Why on earth do the Liberals want to allow someone into Australia who has a proven track record of promoting protests, inciting hate speech, and vilifying parts of the community?

If Scott Morrison had any authority as Prime Minister, he would make sure Immigration Minister David Coleman did not capitulate to the likes of One Nation and uphold the visa ban.