Immigration and Border Protection

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May 31, 2017

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton needs to stand up today and offer his support to ASIO Director-General Duncan Lewis who has denied a causal link between refugees and terrorism in Australia.

Unfair criticism has been levelled at ASIO’s DG Mr Lewis by commentators and even former Prime Minister Tony Abbott after Mr Lewis denied an alleged connection between refugees and terrorism from Senator Pauline Hanson in Senate Estimates.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton should support facts and support genuine refugees who have resettled in Australia after his Department undertook strict character and security checks.

The Attorney General and multiple counter-terrorism experts have supported Mr Lewis, a former Army Special Operations Commander.

It’s unacceptable that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has remained silent while allowing others such as Senator Malcolm Roberts to spread untruths about a connection between refugees and terrorism.

Peter Dutton should stand up and reconfirm his trust in ASIO and defend refugees, as well as the security checks and screening measures of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Labor stands in support of our security agencies and their ongoing commitment to protecting the security of all Australians.