Immigration and Border Protection

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June 02, 2017

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton refuses to answer questions when asked about the lack of cyber resilience in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as revealed in the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) report Cybersecurity Follow-up Audit.   

During Consideration in Detail of the portfolio Budget measures, the Minister did not answer a single question as to why his Department is yet to be cyber resilient despite the original date to achieve compliance being three years ago on 30 June 2014.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton failed to answer basic questions, including:

  • Given how many times the department is targeted by hackers and suspicious emails, is the Turnbull Government putting the personal information of travellers at risk because of the department's failure to meet basic cyber-resilience benchmarks?
  • What resources is the Minister allocating to ensure the department is up to scratch on cyber-resilience?
  • Can the Minister guarantee his department will meet benchmarks at the next cyber audit?

The Immigration Minister’s failure to secure his department’s cyber resilience leaves the personal details and data of millions of travellers who pass through our borders each year at risk and vulnerable to cyber attack.

Peter Dutton’s cyber-security carelessness must be of concern to the Prime Minister who this week described cyber space as the new frontier of espionage, warfare, and threats to the Australian Government, families and businesses.

Peter Dutton needs to stop focussing on stealing Malcolm Turnbull’s job and start paying attention to his own by ensuring his department is cyber secure.