Immigration and Border Protection

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June 18, 2017

Labor is proud to celebrate Refugee Week running 18-24 June and United Nations World Refugee Day on 20 June to recognise those people who have sought a safer place to live and now call Australia home.

We must never forget that Australia is a nation built on migration and Refugee Week celebrates the contributions and stories of those who have sought asylum in Australia.

Labor believes in a compassionate approach to asylum seekers so that genuine refugees can progress their claims safely, securely and in a timely way.

At a time when the number of displaced people fleeing from war, conflict or persecution is at its highest since World War II, Australia - as a responsible global citizen - has a role to play in helping with this humanitarian crisis.

We have all benefitted from the invaluable contribution refugees have made to our society and during Refugee Week we celebrate the achievements of refugees – whether that is at elite sporting levels, in academia and research or in opening and growing businesses.

Labor encourages people to attend a local Refugee Week event to learn something new about another culture and the national and international issues affecting refugees.