Immigration and Border Protection

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December 08, 2018

Scott Morrison has resorted to spreading baseless lies on border protection to mask his own government’s chaos – and as a result, he is turning into a walking billboard to goad the people smugglers.
The Morrison Government is the best friend of people smugglers while they run their disgraceful scare campaign – they should be ashamed.
The fact is, Labor will never let the people smugglers back into business. With Labor, the Minister will always have the ultimate say about who reaches our borders.
The urgent medical transfer amendments that passed the Senate this week are about making sure sick children and adults get the medical care they need. The failure of this policy is of the Government’s making. 
Labor fought for an amendment to ensure that the Minister has the ultimate discretion in these situations. Peter Dutton knows these amendments use the definition of security in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979 and the Minister can refuse a medical transfer on a broad range of security grounds.
The definition of security in the ASIO Act specifically includes “the protection of Australia's territorial and border integrity from serious threatsa broad definition that will give the Minister the power to protect Australia from anyone who could be an unacceptable threat to the community.
Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton, and Immigration Minister David Coleman are lying when they say these amendments undermine Australia’s border protection and national security.
The legislation enshrines the Minister’s discretion to reject transfers – currently the Government makes ad hoc decisions often rejecting medical advice. 
This legislation enshrines strong protections in Australia’s border security or offshore processing program. This is about listening to the advice of treating doctors.
Labor believes in strong borders, offshore processing, regional resettlement, and turnbacks when safe to do so because we know it saves lives at sea.
Every time the Liberals lie about Labor’s strong position on border protection, they are walking, talking billboards for the people smugglers and should be ashamed of themselves.