Immigration and Border Protection

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August 01, 2017


Australia is a country built on migration.  We’ve welcomed 7.5 million migrants since World War II and those people, their children and grandchildren are now calling Australia home and contributing to our community.

The visa reform paper quietly released by Peter Dutton is the start of a significant discussion for our country and it’s an important conversation to have because it will shape Australia over the next 10, 20 and 100 years.

Labor strongly believes that any reforms to Australia’s migration program should improve its integrity and make the visa system easier to understand. 

Like many Australians, we would be concerned by changes to our visa program that lead to inequality or create unfair barriers for migrants who will call Australia home.

We note previously reported concerns expressed by the Department of Social Services that some of the Turnbull Government’s proposed changes may disadvantage humanitarian entrants, create a two-tiered society, undermine social cohesion and potentially increase the risk factors that may lead to violent extremism.

The Turnbull Government cannot undermine confidence in Australia’s non-discriminatory migration program by engaging in a token consultation process now and then locking up the feedback and doing whatever they like later on, like we saw with the recent citizenship discussion paper.

It’s never been more important for Australians of all backgrounds to have their say about Australia’s future and the type of country we want to call home.

Labor encourages migrant communities, business and industry and individuals to make a submission and have their voice heard.