Immigration and Border Protection

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January 04, 2018

Reports today that more than 60,000 people have overstayed their visa in Australia raises concerns about local jobs, migrant worker exploitation and the associated downward pressure on wages. 

Workers overstaying their visa in Australia are easily exploited and ripped off by unscrupulous employers.

Turnbull and his Liberals talk tough on regulating the temporary work visa system but have failed to ensure the system works to protect overseas workers. 

At a time when wages growth is at its lowest in more than 25 years, exploitation of workers puts further downward pressure on wages.

Too many examples of wrongdoing by unscrupulous employers have been exposed, yet Turnbull and his Liberals refuse to act to stamp out exploitation and underpayment of workers.         

It’s untenable to have thousands of visa over stayers working illegally in jobs that could be filled with local workers.

Under Turnbull and his Liberals, Australia is headed for a race to the bottom on wages and conditions.

In the absence of leadership from this Government, federal Labor will continue to lead the way to stamp out underpayment and exploitation.