Local Media


May 17, 2021

The Federal Budget has failed to deliver vital infrastructure in Ipswich, the Somerset Region or the Karana Downs area.

Federal member for Blair, Shayne Neumann said it was clear Scott Morrison has no interest in building the infrastructure essential for one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

“This Budget is all promise and no delivery, with just $4 million announced for the Mount Crosby Interchange,” Mr Neumann said.

“This stretch across the Warrego Highway, linking Tivoli to Chuwar and Karalee, has been the bane of motorists for years.

“The Federal and State Governments already agreed to a completely inadequate $22 million upgrade, with the Federal Government kicking in $17.6 million of that.

“This announcement contributes to $5 million worth of scoping works, which means it will turn not one sod of dirt.

“When you consider that the Blacksoil Interchange on the Warrego Highway cost around $93 million in 2013-14, it is clear Scott Morrison is not taking this project seriously.”

Mr Neumann said the Budget appeared to be more about re-election than about driving the economy forward.

“It is interesting that Scott Morrison failed to tell us that there will be a $3.3 billion cut to infrastructure spending over four years, or that 55 per cent of their newly announced infrastructure spend will be off into the never-never beyond the forward estimates.

“We already knew that the Morrison Government broke their infrastructure promises by an average of $1.2 billion a year, but now they’re giving up completely on delivering their commitments and instead cutting funding and putting projects off into the distant future.

“There is nothing to address the most notorious stretch of the Cunningham Highway, between Yamanto and Ebenezer Creek.

“Scott Morrison is happy to have the RAAF roll out the red-carpet as he disembarks the private jet; yet refuses to invest in infrastructure to keep Amberley service personnel safe, not to mention local farmers, truck drivers, tourists and commuters.

“With no real spending on the infrastructure essential to cope with the growing population, it will mean more congestion on our roads, less investment in rail and public transport, and slower jobs growth.

“This Budget has made it clear what Scott Morrison thinks of Ipswich, the Somerset Region and Karana Downs area – nothing.”