Local Media


January 08, 2019

Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann MP, has congratulated two sporting clubs in Ipswich and the Somerset Region who received Federal Government funding through the Community Sport Infrastructure Grants program.

Kilcoy Golf Club Inc. will receive $45,000 to provide disability accessible amenities and upgraded unisex amenities.

Ipswich Basketball Association Inc. has been provided with a $33,000 grant to conduct ‘Project Solar’.

Mr Neumann it is a tremendous boost to sporting clubs in Blair to receive Federal Government funding, as it meant less reliance on the membership and community to raise funds for necessary upgrades.

“The Ipswich Basketball Association was devastated by the floods in 2011, and our region is so proud of how they came back from that to still be holding competitions today.

“This funding will go towards ensuring these Clubs continue to operate and can provide modern facilities to all members of the community, regardless of ability.

“These are two clubs who have been in Ipswich and the Somerset Region for many years, and we hope will remain viable for many more years to come.

The Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program funds minor capital projects of small to medium scale, particularly improvements to existing sport infrastructure. The program aims to ensure more Australians have access to quality sport infrastructure, encouraging greater community participation in sport and physical activity.

Specifically, the grant program aims to:

  • support increased growth in sport and physical activity participation;
  • encourage development of multi-use, shared and co-located facilities;
  • offer a range of flexible, community based, participation opportunities;
  • prioritise opportunities for women and girls, multicultural communities and people of all abilities to play sport and be physically active;
  • increase engagement and reach in local communities; and
  • promote community pride, connection and leadership