Local Media


October 10, 2017

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann MP, is deeply concerned about the revelations in last night's Four Corners report, and calls on the Turnbull Government to respond to the escalating PFAS contamination issue across Australia.

The report suggested the number of PFAS affected Defence and civilian sites across Australia now stands at 70.

There has been no statement from the Minister for Defence on the Defence sites.

There has been no statement from the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister on the civilian sites. 

“The Turnbull Government announced it was working on a solution in May, however there has been no word on a solution or even advice as to the progress of the PFAS Taskforce”, Mr Neumann said.

The Turnbull Government’s silence on PFAS contamination is deafening.

In contrast, Labor has led the way in developing a response to PFAS contamination.

We called for clear, coordinated communication with affected communities. The Turnbull Government has failed to do that.

We called for a nationally consistent approach to the management of PFAS contamination around the country. The Turnbull Government has failed to implement that.

We called for blood tests for communities affected by PFAS contamination around Defence sites. The Turnbull Government has ignored this.  

Unfortunately these communities are still waiting on the Turnbull Government to do something.