Local Media


November 25, 2021

Reliable, quality, high speed internet is not a luxury or a nice-to-have — it’s essential 21st century economic infrastructure.

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann said this is why an Albanese Labor Government will invest $2.4 billion to expand fibre access to an additional 1.5 million premises across the country.

“Labor’s positive plan will boost fibre access in suburbs through Ipswich, the Somerset Region and Karana Downs,” Mr Neumann said.

“We will offer residents who rely on copper wire, the choice of having optical fibre connected to their home if they want faster speeds than their copper line can deliver.”

Mr Neumann said Labor’s plan could see full-fibre access in Ipswich suburbs of Brassall, Flinders View, Karalee, Raceview and Rosewood; the Somerset Region townships of Fernvale and Lowood; and the Brisbane suburb of Karana Downs.

“If Labor is elected, nearly seven in eight homes in the Fibre to the Node footprint will have access to a full-fibre connection if they need the faster speeds.

“In addition, Labor will keep the NBN in public ownership to ensure the company remains focused on improving the network and keeping prices affordable.

“There is a technology repair job that needs to be done, and public ownership provides the certainty needed to pursue that job.

“Privatising the NBN, as the Liberals plan to do, would be a bad outcome for Australian families, small businesses and regional communities.

“Just look at what the Liberals and Barnaby Joyce did with the sale of Telstra.

“Since that time, Australia has slipped to 59th in the world on average broadband speeds and ranks 32nd out of 37 OECD nations.”

Mr Neumann said the Morrison-Joyce Government has demonstrated it cannot be trusted on technology.

“For them, it’s always about politics, and never about the Australian people,” he said.

“Australia deserves a government that sees and uses technology as a tool for social and economic progress – that is what Labor will deliver.”