Local Media


September 21, 2020

Scott Morrison has a plan to make it harder and more expensive for young people across Ipswich, the Somerset Region and the Karana Downs area to go to university.

Under the plan, which is currently subject to a Senate inquiry, thousands of students will see their fees double.

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann said he was worried about the effect this will have on local high school students who have already had a tough year.

“COVID-19 restrictions have seen Year 12s across the region face more than enough challenges already, including having fewer face-to-face classes, delayed assessment, restrictions on their social interactions and school formals,” Mr Neumann said.

“The last thing they need is Scott Morrison making it harder and more expensive for them to go to university. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

“Youth unemployment is at 20 per cent in this region and it is incumbent on the Federal Government to do everything it can to help them study if they cannot get work.

“Unfortunately, Scott Morrison is doing the opposite. He’d rather have young people join the dole queue than undertake further study.”

Mr Neumann said he has been visiting schools and talking with Principals and young people and is concerned that they are now reconsidering their options.

“This cohort of young people should be free to focus on finishing year 12. Unfortunately, many are now weighing up whether they should be deferring study altogether rather than incur a large debt.

“Labor believes education and jobs go hand in hand so my Labor colleagues and I will vote against Scott Morrison’s unfair plan.

“By locking young Australians out of university Scott Morrison is locking them out of jobs.

“We want every Australian to get a great education, no matter where they live – to have the training they need to get a job, to get ahead, and stay ahead – whether that’s university or TAFE.”