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June 22, 2020

New Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force data has revealed the horrific impact of the recession on hundreds of thousands of Australian workers with 835,000 jobs lost since the worst of the virus hit.
The Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann, said many thousands of people living in Ipswich, Somerset Region and Karana Downs region are in danger of being left out and left behind by the Morrison Government’s botched roll-out of the JobKeeper program and mixed messaging on the future of payments like JobSeeker.
“With the labour market in turmoil, it is difficult to imagine how these Australians will ‘snap back’ to work by the Prime Minister’s September deadline,” said Mr Neumann. 

The ABS highlighted that the unemployment rate would be as high as 11.3 per cent had  623,600 people not dropped out of the labour force.


The ABS also released the following damming statistics:

  • The unemployment rate surged to 7.1 per cent, the highest since 2001;
  • 835,000 workers have lost their jobs since March;
  • 927,600 Australians are unemployed, the most since 1993.
  • Underemployment remains alarmingly high at 13.1 per cent;
  • 2.6 million people are looking for work or for more work;
  • The participation rate fell again to 62.9 per cent; and
  • Women and younger workers continue to bear the brunt of job losses, with 53 per cent of the total jobs lost impacting women
    “The less done to protect jobs and support vulnerable workers, business and communities in the coming months, the harder and longer the recovery will be.
    Scott Morrison used to say that if you have a go, you’d get a go – now he’s saying you had a go, now off you go to Centrelink, “ Mr Neumann said.
    Mr Neumann said In the middle of the first recession in 29 years, the Government’s now talking about fast forwarding people out of work and onto welfare.
    “The Morrison Government speculating in the media about a future increase to JobSeeker won’t address the real anxiety in the community in fact its only making matters worse for vulnerable Australians,” Mr Neumann said.


Mr Neumann said now is time for the Morrison Government to be uniting Australians
“Australians have worked together to combat the virus, but more work must be done by the Morrison Government to ensure the hardest-hit Australians are not left out and left behind in the recovery,” said Mr Neumann.