Local Media


October 27, 2021

The Morrison-Joyce Government’s so-called Net-Zero by 2050 plan is nothing more than a scam, according to Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann.

“The Government’s so-called climate agenda will leave Australia increasingly isolated on the world stage at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow,” Mr Neumann said.

“It is hardly a “plan” as it is devoid of details; net zero modelling, net zero legislation, net zero increase from Tony Abbott’s medium-term target over five years ago.

“While the world is moving rapidly toward renewable energy, the Morrison-Joyce Government is squandering this once in a generation opportunity for Australia to jump ahead of the pack.

“This demonstrates Mr Morrison’s abject refusal to provide any real leadership, on this or any issue.”

Mr Neumann said he is concerned about the secretive deal done with the National Party.

“This so-called plan has delivered just one regional job and that is a promotion for the climate-denying Keith Pitt back into Cabinet.

“It would almost be funny, except it is costing Australian jobs.”

Around 2,700 clean energy jobs have gone under Scott Morrison and the quarterly average of new clean energy capacity is down 70 per cent since 2018 when he became Prime Minister after the climate coup.

“Barnaby Joyce appears to be pulling the strings here, allowing Scott Morrison to talk about “net-zero” but providing no details necessary to build investment confidence, bring energy prices down or create jobs in new industries.

“The reality is that Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce have led the politics of division on climate change for many years.

“They led scare campaigns on electric vehicles, industry emissions and stronger targets.

“But that is what we expect from Scott Morrison; oppose plans and then blame someone else for not delivering.”

Mr Neumann said he believed the population has moved on from climate denial and thinks there are opportunities for new jobs in regional areas.

“You just need to look at the number of roof-top solar panels on local homes.

“Local people understand that solar energy is cheaper.

“Labor is ready to deliver, with significant announcements to improve the electricity transmission network, make electric vehicles cheaper, provide community batteries, and provide apprenticeships in these new jobs.

“Sadly, while this Government is divided on climate science, Australia remains left behind.”