Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel


May 17, 2021


Steve Georganas, the Member for Adelaide, will be joined by Shayne Neumann, Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Dave’s Mum, Julie-Ann Finney, and other survivors for a solemn vigil at the State War Memorial on North Terrace in Adelaide this evening at 6:00pm.
The purpose of the vigil is to come together to hear the voices of those who have passed and listen to the voices of those who are suffering.
For too long now we have been losing our veterans to suicide. On average in Australia, one veteran dies by suicide every two weeks.
In fact, more Australian veterans have lost their lives by suicide than have been killed on active duty since our troops were first deployed to Afghanistan in 2001.
Shayne Neumann and Steve Georganas believe we need to stop thinking we know what veterans need and really start to listen to what they are telling us they need.
What many parents of veterans who have taken their own lives have said is that a Royal Commission will allow them an opportunity to have their say and be heard, while providing a powerful voice for their children.
Importantly, it provides an opportunity for us as a community to listen to them and assure them in a public way that we are doing everything possible to prevent these tragic deaths from happening in the future.
This Royal Commission is a one in 100-year opportunity. We need to get the Terms of Reference right and ensure veterans and their families are at the centre of it.
We have an obligation to better serve those who serve our country.
That’s why Steve Georganas and Shayne Neumann are standing side by side with veterans, survivors, and families who have tragically lost loved ones.
It is time for us to make space for their voices to be heard so that the right steps are put in place to save lives and improve veterans’ futures.