31 July 2023

Mr NEUMANN (Blair) (16:35): Lions Clubs International is the biggest service organisation in the world, and its domestic expression in my electorate is very important in regional communities, particularly in Fernvale, Lowood and Ipswich. Recently I had the pleasure of attending the changeovers for these local Lions clubs and making a toast to Lions Clubs International. These clubs have their own charm and do different things, but with the same ethos and vision they serve their local communities.

In Fernvale they held a prostate cancer awareness night at the local club and shared important information for those in attendance. But it's not just the club but also individuals in the club like Geoff Beattie, who worked so closely with the Leukaemia Foundation. They can be there at every single community event, and they help in disaster management as well. I thank Linda Moore for inviting me to the recent breakfast changeover.

In Lowood, I note that the Lowood Lions are particularly excited about the dog competition at the Lowood Show, and I thank them for the contribution they make to Lowood State High School in support of children from disadvantaged communities. I heard club president Yvonne Hawkins give one of the best speeches I've heard for a long time, on the importance of the arts in local communities.

I'm grateful to Vanna McGreevy and her husband, Bob, for the work they do at Ipswich Lions. Thank you for the work you do, particularly with DVAC and Remembrance Day and also in supporting my local primary schools with their breakfast clubs, particularly the school I attended, Ipswich East State School. Thanks to the local Lions.