Local Media


April 07, 2020

The Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann, has said up to 1.1 million casual workers will miss out on a wage subsidy – and potentially be forced into the unemployment queue – because of the Morrison Government’s refusal to compromise.

The Government signalled they were listening to Labor’s concerns, and considering changes to the JobKeeper program that would extend it to more casuals who will otherwise miss out. The Government even briefed possible changes to the newspapers.

However, yesterday morning the Government ruled out compromising and allowing more casual workers access to the JobKeeper Program.

Mr Neumann labelled the backflip a disgrace and said the Morrison Government owed an explanation to casual workers in Ipswich who have been forgotten by the current JobKeeper program.


“The Government must now explain why they think forcing casual workers in Ipswich into the Centrelink line is good for those workers, their families or for the Australian economy.

It was Labor that pushed for a wage subsidy for weeks when the Government was stubbornly ruling it out,” said Mr Neumann.

Labor has argued Parliament should continue to sit regularly throughout this crisis so we can fix any problems that arise and provide more support for people. It is the Government that has put the Parliament into “hibernation”.


“More has to be done for the forgotten casual workers in Ipswich,” Mr Neumann said.