Local Media


October 01, 2020

The Morrison Government’s latest regional funding announcement is another dud that pits regions against others and leaves Ipswich and the Somerset Region behind.

Rather than coming up with a plan to drive recovery across regional Australia, the Morrison Government has instead selected 10 regions to share in $100m over the next two years, while leaving nothing for the rest of the country.

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann said Ipswich and the Somerset Region are not eligible for any funding through this scheme.

“It is extraordinary that our region is again being left behind by the Morrison Government”, Mr Neumann said.

“Why are some regions deserving of funding, but not us?

“Labor wants to back the regions to grow and succeed, that means investing in roads, rail and infrastructure across the nation.

“Sadly, the Morrison Government is once again picking favourites, and leaving regions like ours behind.”

This latest disappointment comes from a government which over the past 12 months has underinvested in infrastructure by $1.7b, while cutting TAFE and regional universities.

“Our community deserves its fair share, but under this Government we are getting nothing.”

The Deputy Prime Minister said that these 10 regions have been chosen because “they are regions whose economies have experienced the brunt of natural events such as bushfires, or COVID-19, drought as well.

“But he announced no funding for the NSW South Coast, no funding for the Blue Mountains, no funding for the Sunshine Coast, no funding for Northern NSW, an no funding in this region.

“At the same time, five months after the fires came through, only $1 in every $8 earmarked for bushfire recovery had been spent, and even now there are still families waiting for help.

“When we are talking about regions that have done it tough, it is impossible to understand how our community has been left behind.”