Local Media


May 26, 2021

The Liberal Government’s pledge to get more apprentices is blatant hypocrisy as they have overseen cuts to the skills sector over the past eight years.

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann said the Government’s most recent data reveals that under the Liberal Government, there are 150,000 fewer apprentices than when Labor was last in.

“In and around the greater Brisbane region, where most of us work, there are 16,196 fewer apprentices than when Labor left Government in 2013,” Mr Neumann said.

“Across Queensland we have 32,948 fewer apprentices now than we did at the end of 2013.

“No wonder businesses across Ipswich, the Somerset Region, Karana Downs area, and all over south-east Queensland are faced with a skills crisis.

“Scott Morrison promised there would be extra 300,000 additional apprentices and traineeships in 2018, but there are 150,000 fewer apprentices today.”

After years of funding cuts to the sector and fewer apprentices, Scott Morrison is now telling Australians they should believe he will now more than double the national total in 18 months.

Business need skilled workers now- not in six to 12 months’ time.

After eight years of government, Australians are right to think we would have seen an increase in apprentices and trainees, but once again we have gone backwards under this Liberal Government.

“The same government that set themselves a March deadline to deliver 270,000 apprentices, are the same lot that could only manage to deliver 1,000 jobs out of the 450,000 they promised with the JobMaker program only a couple of months ago.

“Overseeing a 36 per cent decrease nationwide in apprentices and trainees, a 43.5 per cent decline locally and 37 per cent decline across Queensland, Scott Morrison’s credibility is completely shot when it comes to supporting skilled workers, and the businesses that rely on them.

“Australians are right to be cynics when it comes Scott Morrison and the Liberals trying to spruik their commitment to this sector.

“Eight years of neglect to the skills sector cannot be erased in one Budget.”