Local Media


April 22, 2020

Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann MP, said he was pleased the Government had listened finally to the community on telecommunications services for the Somerset Region.


This comes after yesterday Mr Neumann received correspondence from the Minister for Communications detailing Linville and two other sites, including a site at Mount Kilcoy and a site near Jimna, in the electorate of Blair for phone coverage towers.


Last year Mr Neumann received a petition signed by residents and Brisbane Valley Rail Trail users calling on him to advocate for improved telecommunications services on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, particularly in the town of Linville.


In July 2019 Mr Neumann wrote to the Minister for Communications, raising his significant concerns about the lack of mobile phone services in Linville and on the trail. Mr Neumann highlighted in the letter concerns surrounding calling the RACQ and contacting loved ones following accidents as well as the significant impact it had on local businesses.


Also Mr Neumann made a speech in Parliament calling on the Morrison Government to provide adequate mobile phone coverage in light of the recent bushfire crisis.


“It is completely unacceptable the people of Linville and Brisbane Valley Rail Trail users have a lack of mobile coverage. These people need and deserve adequate services” said Mr Neumann.


Mr Neumann also referenced the flooding experienced by the Somerset Region in 2011 and 2013 in his letter to the Minister. “A significant portion of the Somerset Region was isolated by flooding in 2011 and 2013. I witnessed this isolation first hand and residents expressed to me their grave concerns about how they will contact family and emergency services when a natural disaster hits in the future” Mr Neumann said.


Mr Neumann said the announcement was a big victory for the community and those who advocated for better coverage. He also said there was more work to be done in ensuring connectivity throughout the Somerset Region.


“I will continue to push the Government and the Minister to do the right thing by the people of the Somerset Region” Mr Neumann said.