Local Media


October 07, 2020

Ipswich, the Somerset Region and Karana Downs area have been abandoned in the Liberal Government’s 2020 Budget. Again.

In spite of being one of the fastest growing regions in Queensland, the Government has provided no additional infrastructure.

This means vital projects will be left behind.

That includes NO funding for the continuation of the Ipswich Motorway project

No funding for the business case for the Ipswich to Springfield rail line.

No funding for the Cunningham Highway upgrade at Willowbank and Amberley.

No funding for a second Bremer River crossing such as the Norman Street Bridge.

No funding for a new Ipswich Sports Stadium at North Ipswich Reserve.

No Veterans Recovery Centre.

It is outrageous, given the amount of exploration, evidence, and endorsements for these projects.

Yet, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure could find an additional $7.5 billion for projects across LNP seats.

Regardless, local people will bear the brunt of a trillion dollars of debt. This includes an eye-watering $213.7 billion of debt in this year.

There will be no jobs created.

No building for the future.

No opportunities for growth and prosperity.

The tax cuts announced in the budget will do nothing to those who continue to lose jobs, with unemployment tipped to remain well above seven per cent in mid-2021.

The Budget offered nothing for those who are already struggling – older Australians, the unemployed, the under-employed, the university sector, child care, to name but a few.

And of course, nothing to help those 600 workers at JBS Dinmore who recently lost their jobs because the Government refused to expand JobKeeper to allow them to remain employed.

This may well be a Budget to go down in history. But the Treasurer should not take this region with him.