14 September 2016

Malcolm Turnbull’s first 12 months as Prime Minister have delivered nothing for Ipswich and the Somerset Region.

Federal Member for Blair Shayne Neumann said Mr Turnbull had let a lot of people down – over promising and under delivering.

“The past year has seen nothing but disappointment, dithering and division from Malcolm Turnbull,” Mr Neumann said.

“I spend a lot of time at mobile offices around the entire electorate and there is one common theme from the eastern suburbs of Ipswich right up to Kilcoy in the northern part of the Somerset Region – Malcolm Turnbull has failed to achieve anything.

“In the past 12 months wages growth had slowed to new records, putting local household under further pressure.

“The number of full-time jobs has collapsed by 64,000 since January 2016: that’s a loss of 300 full-time jobs each and every day since the beginning of this year.”

Mr Neumann said that Malcolm Turnbull is so out of touch that he has described his first year in the top office as ‘so far, so good.’

“Meanwhile, people in Ipswich and the Somerset have to contend with cuts to health, education and pensions.

“Our region’s roads desperately need attention, but during the election campaign Malcolm Turnbull failed to distribute road funding according to need, succumbing to crude pork barrelling.

“Of the 78 road projects involving new money announced in the election campaign, 76 are in marginal Coalition-held seats.

“The upgrade of the Cunningham Highway between Yamanto and Ebenezer Creek fails to attract the Prime Minister’s attention, in spite of the all-too-regular traffic accidents and incidents.

“The only ones celebrating Malcolm Turnbull’s year in the top job are big businesses, who have been given a $50 billion tax cut.”

The tax-break for big business comes at the expense of the most vulnerable people in the region.

“Mr Turnbull should come to Ipswich and the Somerset Region and talk to age pensioners, job seekers and families about making ends meet.

“It is unfair to make older people work until they are 70 years of age, with no support to help them find suitable full-time employment.

“It is clear there is only one job Malcolm Turnbull cares about and that is the Prime Ministership.

“Since reaching that goal the only growth in Australia is to the deficit and net debt, which continue to balloon.

“It is no wonder that Liberal Party supporters can’t name one single achievement of the Turnbull Government.”