Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel


March 22, 2021

Labor welcomed the Senate passing a motion last week that questioned the suitability of Scott Morrison’s planned National Commissioner for veteran suicide.
The motion to create a Royal Commission into veteran suicides was co-signed by Labor and crossbench senators, and was agreed to by the Senate late on Thursday.
Labor and crossbench Senators have been calling for months to establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicides, based on the sincere and often heart-wrenching stories from the families of veterans who have taken their lives.
Since last year, Labor has been calling on the Government to reject their plans for a National Commissioner and instead establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicides.
The passing of this motion brings this one step closer to happening.


The motion is now expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives later today, where all eyes will be on the Prime Minister.
It is up to Scott Morrison to take the final step and give the grieving families of veterans the Royal Commission they deserve.